Must go!

I really need to start clearing space out.  Selling off some stuff, so if anyone's interested, drop me a line.  Shipping is totally free to the buyer, from Japan to anywhere in the world.  Please comment on this post if you're interested.

Gazette pack: 15,000 yen [Free registered airmail! ]

Pass case
Tissue holder
Nameless Liberty Six Guns 2006 Tour Pamphlet
DIM Scene Final Shirt size S [never worn]
Heresy FC Mag Garish Room 9-17
All but the shirt is sold. If you're interested, shirt is Y3000, still free shipping.

Gackt: Kagen no Tsuki, Jougen no Tsuki tour pamphlets 5500 yen [Free registered airmail]



Wow. Has it really been seven months since I've posted anything? Jeez.


Look at those perfect motherfuckers.

Tower Records, Shibuya.

Required Malfunction [lmfao, sounds like the title to my life] is instant love. All is honeytrap. Yes, yes it is. A sticky-gooey-guitar laden-I need better fucking headphones for this-audio honeytrap. Really love Aoi's phrases in this one.  *repeatrepeatrepeat* There's one bit that's so similar to Headache Man though, that I started singing the wrong words for a second. Yeah, I hear what you did there at the bridge guys. That not withstanding....*repeatrepeatrepeat*

With any luck I'll be able to kill off my homework quickly this weekend and get to translating the MASSIVE STACK of magazines I have on my desk. *eyeballs Kai's scowling face from the top of the pile* ...yeah.

Every new beginning is some other beginning's end.

OMEGA was awesome, but that means the Venomous Cell tour is over.  And thank you Yokohama Arena, for being true to form.  You never let me down.  The acoustics SUCKED, as they always do.  Nice camera work though in that we got to see Kai's legs in action as he worked the double bass. That man is just a beast. A sexy beast. I'm actually quite disappointed that they didn't do anything for Aoi's birthday. It's on the 20th.  It's close enough.  They celebrated Uruha's birthday [June 9] on June 1st in Nagoya, so why not Aoi's?  I can't help but feel like Aoi's getting the shaft from the band lately.  Anyway.

10th Anniversary Standing Live at 幕張メッセ. Should be interesting to see how that turns out. I'm calling clusterfuck right now.


And now time for a beer and bed. And to ice my neck. I am SO not a kid anymore. *sobs*
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Shoxx 223 Kai Personal Interview

Happy New Year! I hope 2012 is lovely for you all.  Enjoy your hangovers ladies and gents. ...are there any gents here even?
And now in complete contrast to our unhealthy New Year's alcoholic binges, Kai, the body builder. XD


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Having script problems today. Apologies if this entry is totally fucked.

Also, kindly have the decency and take the time to comment here if you're going to take these translations and translate them into other languages or use them on other sites. Thank you.



Really now.

What the shit is with this mini tyhpoon? They called for rain today. Rain.  Not downpours and howling wind.


Monday is the 市川 show. Last stop for me until OMEGA. Sweating bullets as to where my seat will be for that. If it's anything like this tour? Friggin crow's nest. But I'm there and that's what counts.

I'll finish SHOXX 223 over Christmas break which starts in just a few weeks and have started a bit on Aoi's Rock and Read, and I'd rightly like to die. God, that man rambles. Love him, but damn. I know there are a few who want to read the other members' interviews, so thanks for the patience.